"I ain't wrong if i say that our failure is more powerful than our victories because one may be easily distract after a huge win but a failure could easily make us more focus & alert"

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Motive for Motivation N You

I could observe intense stress in our lives, it becomes worse when we find it impossible to come out from a simple problem. Have we forgotten our own powers which could lead us to self motivation in simple & easy ways in order to bring peace & harmony in society. I've been into some sorts of situations where i used my free thoughts & find ways to being best in those situations. The propose is to share my experience to the world. Something out of whole may help someone in one corner of the world. All along, we invite people to share their views/opinions on our writing. Adding to this anyone could write blogs on this platform on a sort of inspiration.

To motivate World

Way to Motivation

In order to give my readers quick motivation, I’ve come up with my new favourite blog which is having a unique & fresh way of motivation.  Click on the icon above & get your motivational stuff which is gonna give you a new experience of yourself.

Way to Read

Find different ways of self motivation in your life. You would amaze to see that you are having motivation in your surroundings everywhere you go. Get outstanding & simple ways for a wonderful motivational world of your choice. Unlock the treasure by clicking on the above icon.

Way to Curiosity

After all, you’re gonna have a lot of stuff, which is gonna result to curious about share something with Motivation N You. You are wholeheartedly welcome to share your views, ideas, queries or anything else in ‘Contact us’ area. For this, click on the above icon & drop the line to us. All along you’ve the world’s freedom to share these blogs on social media/online.

"Reason maybe anything but the truth is that happiness has lost somewhere & privacy is capturing the space of social happiness"

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You couldn't buy happiness, better you learn the art of happiness