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Get Motivation by Visiting Heritages

Get Motivation by Visiting Heritages - India Gate - Motivational Blogs - Motivation N You

Blog 52

Today’s blog is quite exciting because it’s all about heritages . Every country in this world has some sort of heritages . It includes Museums , War Memorials , Beautiful Architecture , Old Palace , Fort and so on . Whenever you visit any heritage , you get to know about so many things , about history . You get to know that how people used to live hundred years back or thousand years back . When you get a glimpse of it through such heritages , most of the things are quite inspiring because your mind travels through different world . When you get into such heritage , which reminds you to a much better society than today . You start feeling rich & start dreaming to live in that environment , which used to be there hundred years back or thousands year back .


For Example

You experience something unique in Hawa Mahel , Jaipur , India . It was built around 218 years back by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh . It’s architecture was designed in such a way that it has small holes on its wall . You stand inside it , you feel cool breezes like Air Conditioner (AC ) even in summer hot temperature . There is no fan , AC or other device installed inside . But the walls were built in such design that it gives you cool breezes all the time , no matter what is the temperature outside . So , whenever a person visits such place , he feels rich . Which fulfils him with self power or we could say self motivation because he tries to know the history about it and when he gets to know something outstanding about history , he feels wonderful .

A War Memorial

Same way , whenever you visit a War Memorial , you are going to feel goosebumps because you get to know about the soldiers who sacrificed for you , for your state . There is a War Memorial situated in Delhi , India called India Gate . It was built in remembrance of 70,000 Martyrs of Indian Army during World War 1 . In the Centre the India Gate , you could see Amar Jawan Jyoti , which is also called Flame of the Immortal Soldier . It erected under the India Gate in the wake of Liberation of Bangladesh in December 1971 to commemorate Indian soldiers killed in the defense of their country .

Amar Jawan Jyoti consists of a black marble plinth , with a reversed rifle , capped by a war helmet , bounded by four eternal flames . Each of the flames lights 24/7 . So , whenever you visit there , see these flames , it gives you immense motivation & Strength . It motivates you to do something big for your nation or to serve the humanity . It reminds you of those thousand soldiers , who sacrificed for the country . You feel patriotism at that moment . Which makes you feel extreme motivation and confidence . You could use such motivation for any productive task of your life .


Ending Note

I have shared only two examples that from India , which is Hawa Mahal and India Gate . I have picked up these two places because I have experienced those . I’m sure , there are so many places in every country of the world where you get a chance to know the history and feel patriotic at some places like war memorials . Which gives immense Motivation and Rich Feel . So , my idea is to visit such places , that Way you are going to get two things . First , you get to know about the heritage , it’s history , knowledge/info . Second , by getting all these things , you get the power of self motivation because you start feeling rich from inside . Therefore , whenever you visit such heritage in your life , try to go into its history besides of having fun .



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