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How to Get Rid of Work Stress – Magical Way

How to Get Rid of Work Stress - Magical Way - A working woman is seen in work stress & she puts her one hand on her forehead with dull face.

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Everybody works in this world but not everyone gets success in what they want to achieve in their life . Why do we get to fail . There could be many reasons for failure but I am going to talk about one of the main reason behind failure , which is work stress . When we say work stress , we get an image of multinational companies , International Enterprises , there is a lot of stress in all departments . They have stress to deliver fast . They are having pressure to remain at the top in the race . But , work stress isn’t limited to only multinational companies . Work stress is very much present in everyone’s life regardless of their profession or income .

Every section of the society has some sort of work stress in their life . Let’s we talk about rickshaw puller , he has stress to earn in a day to make both ends meet . Sometimes , they have stress of passengers to make them reach their destination on time . A shopkeeper has work stress to stock the highly demanded products in their shop . They are always in a rush to stock good quality product at the minimum price so as to satisfy their customers . Shopkeeper also has challenge to protect their goods from wrong people . You go to any market throughout the world but such ill elements are present there . This is another work stress for all sorts of shopkeepers throughout the world .

Even , work stress is not limited to only businesses . It is present in our daily life as well . You could see work stress on the face of a father on the occasion for the marriage of his son / daughter . Father has the pressure to make it sure to deliver right things on the right time to the right people .

Work Stress Kills

When you are into work stress you can’t enjoy anything . Imagine , you love to visit railway platform of your city . You like the infrastructure , cleanliness & more of your city’s railway station . Now , If you are on a railway platform and having work stress in your mind . You couldn’t enjoy that moment at all . You don’t like a single thing of railway station . Even if you are at any other good location for eg . at airport , you continue to not enjoying anything despite there are so many attractive things on the airport . The reason is your mind is block of work stress . Once your mind is blocked your life is block . I could say that when you are in work stress you don’t like the things which you like the most in your normalcy .

Work stress could be extremely dangerous and it could take your life as well . In today’s fast life , it’s not a new thing for us , for our society to hear that a person kills self because he was unable to tackle with work stress , this is extremely unfortunate for a society . We say that we must engage in work & do karma in our life in order to make it a life . But , when this work becomes workload or extra pressure on our mind , We feel helpless and its last unfortune is that we loose a life from our society .


Remove Work Stress

Have you ever thought that why does we get work stress in our life . We work but what happens to us when the more involvement into work convert into work stress . The answer is , we get connection to emotions with our work while doing our work . We start thinking in our subconscious mind that if the work wouldn’t complete what would happen to me . This is one thought , there are millions of thoughts like this which we worry about . Basically , we emotionally connect with the work more than required , so naturally we get work stress . 

Let me discuss now the magical method to remove work stress and you don’t have to work hard to apply this method . The method is that whenever you get to engage with your work , you just think and feel that you are doing work of somebody’s else . Practically when you are going to apply this and feel it strong into your mind . You make your mind feel that this is not your work , you are doing somebody else work . Whatever be the result , you wouldn’t be affected by it . If you think so , your work stress would go in fraction of seconds because the extra baggage of negative thoughts of your mind have gone away . You feel light of your mind . Now , you would be able to concentrate more on your work instead of taking extra pressure of thoughts .

Concluding Part

The above method has very much use of imagination . You’ve to use your imagining power in order to get final results . Even , we could see live examples of market , in our society . There are people that don’t get panic in their businesses . They look cool all the time because ultimately somewhere they try to disconnect themselves from extreme emotions of business . As a result , they are successful in their area . The method is like when you drive your brand-new car , you seem more serious & careful as comparing to drive same car of your friend because when it’s come to you , your emotions attached to it automatically . At the end , I would love to say that you have all the right and duty to work but you are not allowed to take its stress .


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