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Everyone has Some Good in Them – Forget Negativity

Everyone has Some Good in Them - Forget Negativity - Motivational Blog - Motivation N You

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Guys , I’m going to talk about a major problem of our society . This problem is the main cause of distance between people , relations . Even , sometimes it becomes the reason for destruction of people , society . The problem is that most of the time we judge people with their major negative attribute or a negative quality (negativity) . We forget or ignore their hundred qualities . We don’t bother to know them because we don’t find it worthy to talk to such persons . If once we talk to them , We get to know that they are having many positive attributes , which are more stronger than your attributes . You could learn so many things out of them .

The worst part of this problem is that we are losing our relations . If you have someone distant relative having a bad quality or an attribute in him , We stop talking to them . Even on occasions , We try to avoid that person , we snub him all the time we see him . We don’t think that this person may have many good qualities , which we are not having and we could get many important things out of it . But , this is our negativity which we follow and the negativity brings negativity . The other person starts ignoring you as well and the distance goes long and long with time .

Another Point

Another negative part of this problem is that we miss the chance to gain knowledge . We keep the negative part of the another person in our mind & don’t bother to talk to them . It is possible that other person maybe expert of something else , which could be a great help in our life if we know it but thanks to our ignoring habit and we miss that knowledge . If we move forward on this principle and see only negative quality of people . We are going to lose social connectivity after a certain period of time because a person wouldn’t talk to another person . This way , we couldn’t see the society of human beings because the core quality of human beings are Love , Prosperity , Peace .

Sometimes , when negativity goes to the top , it becomes the root cause of destruction between two parties . The main cause of this problem is the misunderstanding or misconception about somebody . We focus on the weakness of another person & make misconception that he doesn’t know anything . There is no progress of his life . Therefore , there is no point to talk to him but the reality is something else . When we actually go and talk to him , only then we could know what are the qualities in that person or what is he worth for . Everybody knows that every person has some qualities for sure . God has given this privilege to everybody , by knowing this as well we mis-understood people . So , the demand of the time is to break the misunderstandings and mis conceptions of your mind .

I guess , You’ve got my ideas till now , the problem & its solution as well but still I have to explain the solution…Let’s have a look


The Solution

The solution is quite simple for this problem which is that we’ve to see people with their qualities & not with their demerit or their weak points . It is important because when we see people with the qualities , We get interest to talk to them . Once we talk to them , there is sharing of thoughts . You both bring out something important out of it . Second , When you both get involved in the discussion strongly , You set an interpersonal relationship & an emotional connection between each other . It means , Your distant relative is now like a friend of you . So , in a way you both have given the lesson of brotherhood to the society . You helped in prevailing peace and harmony in the society . Here onwards , both of you could use your respective skills in doing something together and give something great to the world .


For Instance

Imagine , you are an engineer and you are having known person , who is a farmer but he is completely illiterate . In general , some may think that he is of no importance but reality is that he is the master of agriculture . The sector on which the economy of many countries is dependent . Now , being an engineer if you break the misunderstanding that he is illiterate & don’t know anything . You go to him and start talking . You never know that in just 10-20 minutes , You are going to get extreme important knowledge of agriculture .

Being an engineer , It could help you for your future , in your carrier . By knowing the farming problems , benefits , soil climate and the complete framework through that expert at agriculture (Farmer ) , You could make a machine which could help farmers in a big way . It’s never one way going . You get knowledge from the soil scientist , same way he gets knowledge from you . There may be many points which you know but the soil expert doesn’t know . So , He could get to know these useful things from you , which could help him to improve his business .

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