Advantages of a Backbencher

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Advantages of a Backbencher- Motivation N You - Motivational Blogs

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 Advantages of a Backbencher / How could a backbencher become more skilful than front row students – We always persuade School going students to sit in front rows of the classroom or to avoid to sit at last & become backbenchers. We don’t wanna see our child to become backbencher because we […]


Clear your mind

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Clear mind- Motivation N You - Motivational Blogs

Blog 3  Clear your Mind – In this article, we are going to discuss about techniques, which are going to tell you to clear your mind to the wisdom. Once you clear your mind in a right way, your mind would give the results accordingly. Here we go….. 
 Try to feel Time/Present – To […]


How to Control Mind

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Control Mind- How to Control Mind- Motivation N You - Motivational Blogs

Blog 2 –  How to Control Mind – In order to use your mind for the righteousness, you’ve to control mind. For this, it is necessary that – *Your mind shouldn’t control you, you should control your mind. * Your mind shouldn’t drive you, you should drive your mind. * You shouldn’t obey your mind, […]


Outstanding Mantra For Success

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Outstanding Mantra for Success- Motivation N You - Motivational Blogs

Blog 1 Almost Everyone has a common dream in their respective lives & the dream is to get more & more success in their life , in their career , in their work . There are many philosophies of the world having many ideas to get success in life . The idea I am gonna […]