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How to Handle Success Life | What To Do After Success

Blog 74 How to Handle Success Life Why do we forget the importance of success after getting it . Success , for which we worked very hard and we dreamt a lot that one day we are going to get success in this particular thing . But after a certain period of time , the importance of success which we were having before success doesn't remain same after getting success . We don't give any importance to the success life which we’ve achieved . After getting success in one area we set goal for another success & don't respect the [...]

By |2019-04-26T23:52:01+05:30May 10th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Success|1 Comment

Congratulations! You’re Into Your Karma | Benefits of Working

Blog 73 Importance of Karma/Work/Actions | Benefits of Working Imagine , you have joined a company & your job is to sell a product or service in the market . For that , You've to run in the market all day long . Sometimes it's scorching sun , sometimes it's shivering cold or the other time , It's raining . Sometimes , when you work under hot sun , You start feeling down , You start blaming your destiny that you don't have good work to do . You don't enjoy the moment at all , you don't concentrate on [...]

By |2019-04-30T16:02:48+05:30April 30th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Success|0 Comments

What Education Doesn’t Teach You – How Could An Illiterate Win

Blog 72 I have seen many people that are illiterate or less educated and do nothing in their life . Whenever you ask them that why isn't you do something good in your life , why are you wasting your time . They have a common reply that they are less educated or illiterate . So , they are of no worth , they don't know anything . So , better we just pass our time of life until we die . This is how they see their life . They may have interest in a particular area , in [...]

By |2018-04-15T12:13:47+05:30April 15th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Motivation|4 Comments

Women Power & Inspiration | Inspirational Hub of this World

Blog 71 Women Power & Inspiration According to WHO publishing updated in November 2017 , about one in every three women have experienced either physical or sexual violence against her in their lifetime . Most of the time , the violence was done by intimate partner . This is actually an irony of the society that someone who is the strongest among all is facing such violence in the society . 'A Woman' that was made that strong by God , who bear extreme level of pain in her life , which a man couldn't even think of . All [...]

By |2019-05-09T00:13:00+05:30April 11th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Inspirational|0 Comments

Keep Yourself Motivated While Driving Car | Driving Motivation

Blog 70 Get Motivation While Driving Car According to WHO statistics , About 1.3 million people die on the world's roads and 20 - 50 million are injured every year . With the motive to minimise these numbers , We have come up with our blog to make driving safe and progressive . It is a fact that when you are on the road , there is no guarantee that you couldn't get hurt even if you drive safe , You could get hurt from other’s driving mistakes as well . So , You've to be full conscious while driving [...]

By |2019-05-11T13:16:18+05:30April 4th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Motivation|1 Comment

How To Keep Your Home Life Motivational & Exciting

Blog 69 How to Keep Home Life Motivational Obviously , when we live at the same place for long time , we feel bore & down sometimes . Especially , when we live alone , we start getting boredom . Everyday , we see same surroundings , same people in front of our eyes . In this blog , We are going to discuss that how could you make your home life Motivational , Energetic and Exciting for long . The thing which you need to do is quite simple & easy . It is possible that you already use [...]

By |2019-05-14T09:31:05+05:30April 1st, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Imagination|0 Comments

Become Selfish & Get Motivation | Selfish People are Good

Blog 68 Become Selfish & Get Motivation We consider selfishness as a negative attribute of a person . You may have seen a politician calling his opposition party / leader selfish . By saying selfish , they try to put the opposition leader in the negative light . In general , a man gets angry when he is called as a ‘Selfish person’ from others because we always take selfishness in the negative light . We see selfishness at many work places where one thinks that others are selfish people & doing something with self motive . Selfishness is one [...]

By |2019-05-31T12:56:45+05:30March 26th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Self Motivation|0 Comments

How to Use Internet for Self Improvement – 3 Important Ways | Advantages of Internet

Blog 67 Advantages of Internet  In this fast life , we start using Internet from the moment we wake up for a day . Which goes through out the day till we hit the hay at night . It doesn't matter that which device we use Internet on but we get into such devices for surfing internet . Most of the time , We engage with few apps which are the most popular these days . Which are the prime connection to connect to our friends . The situation is something like , If we get away from such apps [...]

By |2019-04-24T17:05:24+05:30March 18th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Self Motivation|1 Comment

How to Get Self Knowledge – Get Clear Thought Process

Blog 66 How to get Self Knowledge There are many instances in your life when you think that why you don't get the solution to many problems . Those problems which are very small but you don't get the perfect idea on the right time . Sometimes , at the time of taking right decision your mind goes blank . There are many moments in your life , when you think that your self knowledge is limited to some extent , not only knowledge your thinking level is limited to some extent . You are only able to think to [...]

By |2019-06-01T17:40:27+05:30March 14th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Mind|0 Comments

Everyone has Some Good in Them – Forget Negativity

Blog 65 Guys , I'm going to talk about a major problem of our society . This problem is the main cause of distance between people , relations . Even , sometimes it becomes the reason for destruction of people , society . The problem is that most of the time we judge people with their major negative attribute or a negative quality (negativity) . We forget or ignore their hundred qualities . We don't bother to know them because we don't find it worthy to talk to such persons . If once we talk to them , We get [...]

By |2018-03-12T07:03:24+05:30March 11th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Positivity|1 Comment

Don’t Regret Over Your Wrongdoing !!

Blog 64 Many times in our life , we do mistake . We get into a wrongdoing , sometimes intentionally or unintentionally . Many people don't take such things serious about their life and move forward and leave the past as it is . Many people tries to learn something from the past incidents and then focus on the present . They commit to make their future bright by not repeating the same mistake / wrongdoing in the future which they did in past . These both cases are perfect because ultimately you are moving forward in your life . [...]

By |2018-03-12T07:03:49+05:30March 7th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Stress, Success|2 Comments

How to Live a Happy Life Along with Motivation – Outstanding Way

Blog 63 How to Live a Happy Life Along with Motivation In this hectic world , people crave to live a happy life but they don't get it every time . People do so many things to make their life happy and peaceful . At certain stages of life , they get different ideas to live a happy life . Sometimes , they think that if they have billions of money , They would live a lavish and happy life . The other time , They feel if they hadn't had money , they would live happy life . Sometimes [...]

By |2019-05-01T00:11:20+05:30March 4th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Happiness, Self Motivation|1 Comment

3 Learnings from Holi – Holi 2019

Blog 62 As we all know , Holi is a popular Hindu festival that is quite popular in many parts of non-Hindu communities as well around the globe . This festival is celebrated on the arrival of spring and end of winter . Holi is celebrated in the Indian subcontinent . In recent years , It is started to celebrate in some parts of Europe and North America as a festival of love and colours . This festival is celebrated in Indian diaspora around the globe . Holi has different names in Indian States like It is known as Phagwa [...]

By |2019-03-21T00:34:04+05:30February 28th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Positivity|0 Comments

White Hair at Young Age – Psychological Treatment

Blog 61 Everybody loves their natural hair , whether they are of black , brown or some other colour . But it is a nature rule that after a certain period of time or after certain changes in your body , your hair starts changing into white or grey . What if you start getting white hair at young age on your head . You couldn't expect white hair at this stage of your life but sometimes it comes even before young age , in child age as well . Although , there are societies in the world where they [...]

By |2018-03-12T07:04:58+05:30February 25th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Health, Self Motivation|1 Comment

Technology World is More Difficult

Blog 60 People think that , in this technological era their life has become easy because the work which they used to do in one hour could be possible in five minutes with the help of technology . But , we are going to see that how today's world is more difficult than earlier . People choose to use technology in order to reduce their efforts and get more peace and relax in the life but reality is something else if you go and try to understand things you would know that how this technological time is making you more [...]

By |2018-03-12T07:05:17+05:30February 21st, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Science|0 Comments

How to Get Rid of Work Stress – Magical Way

Blog 59 Everybody works in this world but not everyone gets success in what they want to achieve in their life . Why do we get to fail . There could be many reasons for failure but I am going to talk about one of the main reason behind failure , which is work stress . When we say work stress , we get an image of multinational companies , International Enterprises , there is a lot of stress in all departments . They have stress to deliver fast . They are having pressure to remain at the top in [...]

By |2018-03-12T07:05:34+05:30February 18th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Jobs, Stress|0 Comments

Valentine Day for Singles – How to Make Valentine Day Special

Blog 58 We are into Valentine week 2018 . Valentine day is considered as the celebration of romance in many parts of the world . These days , valentine day is the most popular day to celebrate romance in many regions of the world . This day isn’t limited to only bachelor lovers but Valentine day is strongly celebrated among married couple as well . Lovers throughout the world wait for this day to celebrate their love . Even , people always try to find Valentine Day celebration ideas that I should say unique ideas of every new Valentine Day [...]

By |2018-03-12T07:05:52+05:30February 13th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Imagination, Inspirational|0 Comments

Why are Childhood Memories so Strong

Blog 57 Importance of Childhood Memories in Life Everyone have some childhood memories. There are always positive and negative childhood memories in everyone’s life. We never know that in what situation, we remember which kind of childhood memory. Sometimes, we get to a place where we suddenly remember few childhood memories which are related to that place. Sometimes, we see someon that was a part of our childhood, so we again remember these childhood memories. Now, we think that why are childhood memories so strong or why are these memories important for our life. As I mentioned above that there [...]

By |2019-06-10T12:40:33+05:30February 4th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Motivation, Stress|0 Comments

My Observation to Feel Supreme

Blog 56 Many of you may be in the habit of observing things . A couple of days back , I observed something which I am going to share here . The observation is that whenever you get more knowledge for a particular subject , you feel supreme . Further if you add more knowledge about the same subject in your mind you feel more superiority . With this feeling of superiority , you feel more powerful & confident than earlier . You feel a sort of richness inside you , richness of thoughts . When your thoughts are rich [...]

By |2018-03-12T07:07:18+05:30January 24th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Self Motivation|0 Comments

Activate your Spiritual Power of Mind with this Simple Habit

Blog 55 You may have heard few sayings or stories in your family or somewhere outside in your life . These are related to follow a task before & after Sleep . These sayings are like always keeping your mind cool before sleep . To do that , You could read something good or think something good , better option is to pray to God . Other sayings are like when you get up in the morning , If you pray to God or you think something good or say something good before doing anything . Your entire day is [...]

By |2018-03-12T07:07:47+05:30January 14th, 2018|Exclusive Blogs, Mind|2 Comments
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