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Narender Modi Speech at Karnataka 27/02/2018

Narender Modi speech at devnagri, Karnataka, 27/02/2018, Motivational speech, motivationnyou

Narendra Modi congratulated all the party leaders and workers for launch of this unique campaign “Rashtra Bandhu yadraba”.

Narendra Modi requested farmers of Karnataka to donate handful of rice for the success of this campaign.

When Narendra Modi was chief minister of Gujrat he took oath to bulit world’s tallest statue of sardar Vallabhbhai patel which is ‘statue of unity’. It is twice taller than statue of Liberty. This statue is build with the iron donated by the farmers of 6 lakh villages across India.

To change the fortune of country we first need to change destiny of our farmers. We launched ‘Kisan Fasal yogna’ to insure farmers from different kind of risks. : Narender Modi

Narender Modi launched direct attack on Siddaramaiah governance by calling it ‘Sidha Rupaiya’ governance.

Narender Modi claims that his government multiplied ‘Minimum Support Price’ by 1 and half for farmers
Within 48 months which Congress could not achieve in 48 years.

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