Why are Childhood Memories so Strong

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Why are Childhood Memories so Strong - An adult hand is trying to recollect childhood Memories by touching childhood toys

Blog 57 Everyone has some childhood memories. There are always positive and negative childhood memories in everyone’s life. We never know that in which situations, we remember which kind of childhood memory. Sometimes, we get to a place where we suddenly remember few of the childhood memories related to that place. Sometimes, we see someon […]


Get Motivation by Visiting Heritages

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Get Motivation by Visiting Heritages - India Gate - Motivational Blogs - Motivation N You

Blog 52 Today’s blog is quite exciting because it’s all about heritages . Every country in this world has some sort of heritages . It includes Museums , War Memorials , Beautiful Architecture , Old Palace , Fort and so on . Whenever you visit any heritage , you get to know about so many […]


3 Inspirations from Ravana

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3 Inspirations from Ravana- Motivation N You- Blogs

Blog 14 3 inspirations for a social evil from RAVANA Guys, think for a while that what do you get at the moment when you hear the name Ravana (In Hindi रावण Ravan). I’m sure that most of you are gonna get the picture of Ramayana (a Hindu epic) and most of you are gonna […]


How Could an Object Motivate You

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How could an object motivate you- Motivation N You

Blog 10 Guys, before starting this topic, i wanna add that imagination alone could motivate you largely & i am gonna write on this soon. Imagination has certain role in this topic as well. Could you imagine that an object could motivate us. If i say ‘yes’ then you would ask me how. Let me […]