Why are Childhood Memories so Strong

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Why are Childhood Memories so Strong - An adult hand is trying to recollect childhood Memories by touching childhood toys

Blog 57 Everyone has some childhood memories. There are always positive and negative childhood memories in everyone’s life. We never know that in which situations, we remember which kind of childhood memory. Sometimes, we get to a place where we suddenly remember few of the childhood memories related to that place. Sometimes, we see someon […]


Be a VIP & Feel Motivation

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Be a VIP & Feel Motivation - Motivational Blogs - Motivation N You

Blog 48 I guess , no one in this world don’t dream to become a VIP (Very Important Person ) one day . I mean to say at some point of life , everybody often thinks to be a VIP in any field . Whenever we see any billionaire or a popular celebrity somewhere or […]


Manushi Chhillar is Miss World 2017

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Just In : Manushi Chhillar is Miss world 2017 - Motivation N You - Motivational Blogs 2017

Miss world 2017 winners are announced and Manushi Chhillar from India got the Crown. India got this proud moment after 17 years. Before this Priyanka Chopra (now famous actress) won Miss World contest in 2000. The 67th edition of the miss world pageant was held on 18th November 2017 at the Sanya, China. 118 contestants […]


Inspire yourself while in body pain

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Inspire yourself while in body pain - Motivational Blogs- Motivation N You

Blog 36 Almost everybody in this world has experienced one or other sort of body pain in their life. There are many kinds of body pain. Some are permanent, some are temporary. I’m talking about temporary body pain, when you get headache, stomachache, eyes, ears, arm & other parts of body pain or when you […]


What to do in Free Time

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What to do in free time - Worthy & Productive - Motivation N You - Motivational Blogs

Blog 35 Fortunately, everybody gets some time in their life which we call free time. The time when we don’t have any work to do or anything to think. I mean, when we are completely free from our mind and body. No matter how busy you are in your life, still you get few moments […]


Make Your Friends Worthy for You

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Make your friends worthy for you - Motivation N You - Motivational Blogs

Blog 34 We make many friends with our entire life. You make new friends with many stages while growing up. Everybody makes few friends in childhood, then in school, then in high School/university/college. After that we make friends in our professional life. As far as our childhood friends or school friends are concerned, when some […]


What is great to be A SALESMAN

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Know a salesman...Respect a salesman - Motivation N You - motivational Blogs 2017 - what is great to be a Salesman

Blog 33 Guys I am going to write on a topic which is widely popular in the world. You go in any corner of the world, you are going to find a job called SALESMAN. The exact designation maybe differs from company to company. Few companies name it a sales executive, some call it sales […]


How to make life happy

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how to make life happy - Motivation n you - Blogs 2017 - Motivational Blogs

Blog 32 As far as our life is concerned, we are totally surrounded by Machines. You go to any part of the world. You are gonna find that use of Machine Intelligence (MI) is increasing day by day. The work which needs human efforts is going down so are the problems are growing up in […]


Get Inspirations from live events

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Live events can change your life- with Yuvraj Singh six sixes example - Motivation N You - Blogs 2017

Blog 28 Craze of live events is always there in our society & the trend of live events was there in our history. In earlier decades as well, people used to enjoy live events. However, complete format of live events was different to compare to today’s live events. Technology, culture, people get advance time to […]


How to deal with mess in life

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How to deal with mess of life - Blogs 2017 - Motivation N You

Blog 26 There are many circumstances in life in which you found yourselves in the mess. We don’t understand or get idea how to deal with such situations. We just stuck sometimes between the thoughts of mind. Sometimes, we don’t understand what to do, how to do, how to deal with the situation and we […]