"I ain't wrong if i say that our failure is more powerful than our victories because one may be easily distract after a huge win but a failure could easily make us more focus & alert"

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I could observe intense stress in our lives, it becomes worse when we find it impossible to come out from a simple problem. Have we forgotten our own powers, which could lead us to self motivation in simple & easy ways in order to bring peace & harmony inside & in society. Their could be million ways to live better in whatever standard of living we are, provided we understand ourselves & use our inner powers. Our Exclusive Blogs (Roopak Gill Blogs), Motivational Stories, Quotes, Speeches & so on are their to make you live a meaningful life. Your own imagining & creative powers are going to achieve it. Something out of whole may help someone in one corner of the world. All along, anyone could share their views/opinions on our writing. Adding to this, we invite people to write motivational blogs on this website.

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You are going to find all Exclusive Blogs (Roopak Gill Blogs) in this section. Most of the blogs are inspired by my experience & worked perfectly in my life. Therefore, my idea is, they are going to work in many lives throughout the world if they work in my life. Straightaway, get all unique & creative ways of motivation by clicking on the above icon.

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Motivational Stories of ordinary human beings setting extraordinary benchmarks to the world. Each story is inspirational enough to show the path to success, to any person of the world. You couldn’t feel stressed/down after going through these stories. Click on the above icon & get the motivation from world.

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In this section, you are going to get most famous & Motivational Quotes of renowned personalities of the world. I believe that a single quote could have the power equilant to a book of thousand pages, if understand properly. To make it easy to go through & share, we’ve presented these quotes in picture mode. Click above to arrive at ‘time saving motivation’

"Reason maybe anything but the truth is that happiness has lost somewhere & privacy is capturing the space of social happiness"

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You couldn't buy happiness, better you learn the art of happiness